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Dental exams and cleanings are essential to maintaining healthy gums and teeth. At Tooth Castle Pediatric Dentistry located in Carrollton, Texas, the dentist provides complete dental exams and state-of-the-art cleanings for children throughout the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. To schedule a dental exam for your child, call the office or book an appointment online.

Dental Exams Q & A

What do a pediatric exam and dental cleaning entail?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that children have their teeth professionally cleaned every six months to prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum (periodontal) disease. Tooth Castle Pediatric Dentistry specializes in dental exams and cleanings for children of all ages.

During a dental exam, the hygienist will remove cavity-causing plaque and tartar and polish your child’s teeth. Following your child’s cleaning, the dentist will conduct a thorough examination, checking for cavities and any signs of gum disease. They will also instruct your child on how to brush and floss properly, providing the foundation for a lifetime of good oral hygiene.

What other issues will the dentist check for?

As an expert in pediatric dental care, the dentist at Tooth Castle Pediatric Dentistry evaluates any problems that may be caused by thumb sucking, pacifier use, or excessive use of a bottle. They will also examine your child’s mouth to determine if there is proper space for permanent teeth to grow in.

What types of preventative treatments may the dentist recommend?

Tooth Castle Pediatric Dentistry recommends a variety of preventative tools, including:

Dental X-rays

Also called radiographs, X-rays are an important tool in pediatric dental care. They enable the dentist to see cavities between teeth, the bony area around each tooth, and teeth beneath the gums that haven’t erupted yet.

Fluoride treatments

This is among the best tools for cavity prevention. Fluoride is a mineral that not only helps prevent cavities but can also reverse tooth decay in its earliest stage.

Dental sealants

Fluoride and dental sealants combined are about 95% effective in preventing tooth decay. Sealants are a liquid applied to the chewing surfaces of premolars and molars. The liquid fills the depressions and grooves in these teeth.  Within seconds the liquid hardens, forming a thin plastic barrier that blocks out food and bacteria.

Dental sealants are highly durable and can last as long as 10 years without needing to be replaced. The dentist checks the integrity of your child’s dental sealants as part of his or her routine dental exams.

Help keep your child’s teeth healthy by scheduling a dental exam at Tooth Castle Pediatric Dentistry. Call the office or book an appointment using the online tool.